We’re Moving and Changing!


1. We are changing our blog name

*Gasp* When I first picked Hopeless Romantics months ago, I didn’t put much thought into it. I loved reading romance books and had recently finished reading a book with that title. However, I want a name that’s more unique and easier to search for. My sister and I debated on a name for many weeks before deciding on a new name. I like that it still has a romance aspect to it without being too confining. So now we won’t just be reviewing romance books anymore. Our new blog name is: These Paper Hearts


2. We are moving to WordPress

I know this may be shocking because I love Blogger and honestly never thought I would leave it. The main reason we are moving is because of the name change and I wanted a custom domain. Our current one is long and I don’t like it. In the beginning of February, I started setting up the new domain and creating the design for the new blog. After using WordPress for about a month, I definitely have opinions on it and will be sharing those in more detail in a post next week. Moving everything over from Blogger to WordPress was kinda scary. I kept feeling as if something like this would happen:


wrong lever


Luckily everything went smoothly with the help of Ashley’s @ Nose Graze tutorials.

3. Many posts still need to be formatted

All of the blog design tips and tricks are formatted corrently, but most of the reviews still need to be updated and rearranged. I’ll be working on that and updating the review archive in the coming week.

I’ll be keeping the Hopeless Romantics blog open until Tuesday, at which point it will automatically redirect to the new blog. I’ve also submitted a request to Bloglovin for them to move the followers over, so that should happen soon =) We’re still the same bloggers and I’ll of course still be featuring Blogger tips and ticks as often as I can come up with ideas! If you have any questions or concerns, let me know!


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