Discussion: The Seasonal Blogger and Misconceptions

Guess what?!? It’s almost that time of year again! Christmas is coming :D Unfortunately it’s also that time of year when I’m deep into final projects and exams :( However, it’s those two weeks of Christmas break with no homework that makes it all worth it. Thinking about all this free time makes me realize that many people probably start a blog during holidays/breaks from school. I think I shall call them the “seasonal bloggers.” They are seasonal because, after all that free time ends, the busyness of school/work starts up again and then who has time for a blog? We probably don’t even see most of the seasonal bloggers since they are here and gone so quickly. The summer seasonal bloggers are probably more noticeable.

I wonder though, if their end to blogging has more to do with their misconception of what blogging is like, rather than the busyness of school/work. Is the end of break just a convenient time to give up?

Misconception 1: Blogging in general is easy

A lot of people will start a blog on a whim and I think some people look at blogging like it’s so easy. A walk in the park. I’ll just write some posts and become an internet sensation overnight, right? Then against all odds…that just doesn’t happen. Blogging can actually take up quite a bit of your time. Researching and writing quality posts takes time, commenting takes time, and networking with other bloggers takes time. Being noticed as a newer blogger can be hard. The book blogging community is very friendly, but it is still very large. It can be easy to become lost among so many fishes(don’t correct me).

Misconception 2: Writing good content is easy

Type type type type type type type…POST. Done. Right? Eh, not usually.

Granted, some posts are easier to write than others, but you’re still writing multiple paragraphs of text, multiple times a week, every week.

after week

after week

after week…

That’s a lot of writing! If you don’t really love what you’re writing about, this will be a struggle for you. Then what if you write a discussion post? There may be research you need to do with that. Writing a review? Maybe you forgot that one character’s name or you need to find that quote to back up a point in your review. It all takes time and you’d be surprised how quickly that time can add up when you’re sitting down to write a post. For perspective, this post took me about 2 hours to write and edit. Some people skip editing, but I usually spend a fair amount of time reading and editing my posts before publishing them.

Misconception 3: Getting followers is easy

So you’re not an internet sensation yet and it has already been 2 weeks! Maybe you think you’re doing something wrong so you go and read every blog post you can about the “top ways to increase your blog following” blah blah blah. You follow all the steps to the letter and yet…you are still not an internet sensation. What gives?

im wonderful

Let me tell you something, those “get quick rich ads” don’t work in real life and they don’t work in blogging. Some people get followers faster than others, but there is no magical formula for getting a ton of followers in a short amount of time.


I know some of you may be thinking “blogging isn’t about getting followers! You should blog for yourself!” Ya ya ya. Get off your high horse. Almost everyone wants more followers. Would you really still blog if no one read your blog?

It can be very disheartening for newer bloggers when they have a low following to start. I know it was for me. The majority of posts we wrote (not counting memes) in the first couple months received zero or one comment and our follower count was in the single digits. The problem that many newer bloggers don’t realize is that the internet does not magically deliver visitors to your blog, especially for your reviews. In the internet world, you’re a nobody to start. Google is not going to go out of its way and advertise your posts for you. SEO? Social media sharing? There are so many things that YOU must utilize in order to get visitors to your blog.

Gosh Stephanie, you’re being rather depressing during this holiday season. BAH HUMBUG! jk ;)

How about something positive?

Blogging is Rewarding!

A lot of blogging communities are competitive and bloggers may only help each other if there is something in it for them. The book blogging community is by no means perfect, we have our drama, but I believe we’re also very supportive and loving :) What could be more rewarding than meeting a great friend through blogging?

Starting off a blog with so few followers can be hard, but every new follower you gain is exciting! Getting comments from those followers is even more exiting. My gosh someone actually read my post and had something to say!?! That’s awesome :D Even after blogging for over a year now, I still get excited when my email pops up saying I have a new comment.

got one

I want to wrap this post up by giving this last advice: don’t give up too quickly. Blogging can be hard and disheartening at times, but it can also be very rewarding if you put the work into it :)


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