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With the busyness of life and blogging, it can be hard to remember everything that has happened in the last month. What books came out? What’s the average rating from goodreads? What did book bloggers feel overall towards that book? Did you miss the release of a book you were planning to read?

To help you (and me) remember the past month’s releases, I’ll recap a selection of books from the young adult genre. I’ll include books based on hype, book blogger reviews, mentions on goodreads, and some of my own personal preferences :) Here you can get a quick view into the current goodreads status (at the time of this post), my thoughts on how well liked the book was within our community (I haven’t read all of these books), and 3 varying reviews from other book bloggers.

Don’t forget to scroll down to the comments and give your opinion on what you thought of these books or what your favorite book was in the month of August!

How to Say I Love You Out Loud

Current Goodreads Status:

4.03 stars // 213 ratings // 77 reviews

I don’t think the blurb for this book really does it justice. I think it turns a lot of people away (including me) by the way Jordyn comes across as a mean sister who doesn’t care about her autistic brother. However, reviews for this book have shown that’s quite the contrary. It’s hard to judge someone when you have not gone through their same circumstances, and many reviewers have said that they can see where Jordyn is coming from as a teen and that she shows great character growth by the end of the book.

Alex (the love interest) was also well liked. However, this isn’t a simple love story. There is also an important family aspect to this book with Jordyn’s mom and talking through Phillip’s autism.

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Never Always Sometimes

Current Goodreads Status:

3.44 stars // 637 ratings // 234 reviews

The ratings for Never Always Sometimes haven’t been the best. Some people hated it, some thought it was ok, but I haven’t seen many reviews really loving this book. It appears the ending was also unexpected and some people were ok with that, but quite a few people really didn’t like the ending. Some bloggers liked the writing and some didn’t.

I’m only a couple chapters into this book right now, so I don’t have a final opinion yet. If you’re thinking of reading this one, I would read reviews carefully first, to decide if this book would be right for you.

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What You Left Behind

Current Goodreads Status:

3.93 stars // 782 ratings // 186 reviews

What You Left Behind isn’t a fluffy contemporary as it hits on the hard issue of teen pregnancy. The main character Ryden has a lot to struggle with now that he’s a dad (and not always the best one). Reviews for this book tend to be around 4 stars and mostly positive. It seems as though he may not be the most likable character, but reviewers think he’s a realistic one.

There is a shocking reveal later on in the book that some people were sad about and some were mad about. It does seem that Ryden goes through character growth by the end of the book and quite a few reviews mentioned liking his love interest Joni.

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The Heartbreakers

Current Goodreads Status:

4.05 stars // 875 ratings // 192 reviews

Reviewers have described this as being very fluffy and not really realistic. So, if you’re looking for a deeper meaning, or for her sister’s cancer to take a main part, you’ll most likely be disappointed. However, if you can look past the unlikely circumstances and are looking for something very cute/cuddly, this may be the book for you.

Personally, I may be a fan of boy bands, but I will admit to nothing! Except for ‘N Sync they’re awesome. Anyways, this seems like a typical fluffy ya contemporary (perhaps better for younger teens).

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Current Goodreads Status:

4.01 stars // 955 ratings // 311 reviews

Reawakened is one I’ve read and reviewed recently :D I really liked it and it appears that most reviewers enjoyed Reawakened, but there have been some that hated it. From the reviewers who didn’t like Reawakened, there are complaints about this series being too similar to the author’s Tiger Curse series, they didn’t like the MC (too whiny), they didn’t like the romance, and they didn’t think the Egyptian mythology was 100% accurate.

However, most reviewers seemed to enjoy the story for the most part, even if they weren’t blown away by epicness (why is this not a word?!).

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The Boy Most Likely To

Current Goodreads Status:

3.85 stars // 1,047 ratings // 325 reviews

The Boy Most Likely To was never really on my radar because the author’s last book, What I Thought Was True, bored me to tears. The Boy Most Likly To is actually told in dual first person POV between Alice and Tim. Reviews for this one have been mixed with quite a few 3 and 4 star reviews.

Quite a few reviews state that the romance was slow or even barely there. It also seems that if you’re hoping for this book to be more like My Life Next Door, you’ll probably be disappointed. If you’re a big fan of Huntley Fitzpatrick then you may like this one, but if you’re hoping for more romance, then you may want to skip this one.

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Court of Fives

Current Goodreads Status:

3.73 stars // 636 ratings // 148 reviews

The book blurb for Court of Fives sounds very unique and interesting, but the ratings have been more around the 3 star range. Some people really enjoyed it and some people really didn’t. Some people liked the world building, some thought it was non-existent. Some people liked the MC Jessamy, some didn’t. I think you get the picture.

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Legacy of Kings

Current Goodreads Status:

3.88 stars // 364 ratings // 147 reviews

Legacy of Kings is told in 3rd person POV and follows multiple people. Reviewers seemed to like the back and forth perspectives for the most part. This is a historical fiction fantasy, so be ready for lots of information about the history of that time. Some people enjoyed that, some thought it was info dumps.

Ratings tend to be around the 3-4 star range, so reviews tend to be more on the positive site than negative.

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Current Goodreads Status:

3.79 stars // 518 ratings // 202 reviews

Mechanica is a Cinderella retelling and one that has received some mixed reviews. Reviewers seemed to like the MC Nicolette for the most part, but sometimes she would say/do things that they really didn’t like.

A lot of reviewers also didn’t like the romance and described it as insta-love. The romance doesn’t appear to be the main focus of the book, but it was still there and unwanted by most.

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Lair of Dreams

Current Goodreads Status:

4.14 stars // 584 ratings // 339 reviews

Liar of Dreams is the sequel to The Diviners and has been positively received so far since its release on August 25th. The book is told in third person omniscient, which doesn’t interest me, but seemed to work for this book.

A lot of reviews discussed Libba Bray’s incredible writing and descriptions, so if you loved that about the first book, you’ll still find it present in this sequel :) It would appear the long wait for this sequel was well worth it.

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Dead Upon a Time

Current Goodreads Status:

3.12 stars // 26 ratings // 16 reviews

The book blub for Dead Upon a Time sounds awesome with the mixture of fairy tales and darker retelling. However, the ratings for this have been pretty low. Hard to really tell though with so few ratings out there.

It seems this one may be better for younger teens as the “dark fairytale” aspect, isn’t really all that dark and spooky.

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Air Awakens

Current Goodreads Status:

4.72 stars // 40 ratings // 23 reviews

Air Awakens is actually one I recently discovered and added to my tbr shelf (thanks Iris!). This book has a library apprentice, a sorcerer prince, magic, and romance!

This book has only been recently released and there aren’t a lot of reviews out yet, but the reviews that are out have been very positive.

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Are there any books from August that you would recommend? What did you think of the books listed above? What was your favorite book from the month of August? Let’s Discuss!

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