Can Book Bloggers be Successful on Pinterest? YES!


Every now and then I’ll go out and visit blogging tips/tricks blogs to see if I can learn something new about blogging or find new ways to improve my blog. Do you know what a lot of bloggers in other communities are raving about? Pinterest. Do you know what book bloggers aren’t raving about? Pinterest. Why is this? Why, as a community, do we feel that Pinterest isn’t a good social platform for us?

Maybe it’s because we don’t know how to be successful on Pinterest. Maybe you tried it out and it just didn’t seem to be worth your time. I’m not sure where this mindset came from, but Pinterest can be just as good for book bloggers as other blogging communities and has the potential to get your blog more referrals than your other social media platforms.

Don’t believe me? Well, Brittany from The Book Addict’s Guide and I are joining forces today to discuss the success we have had on Pinterest and tips/tricks to help you succeed too!

Google Analytics

I started using Pinterest in September, so 3 months ago. I’ve only been using Pinterest for 3 months and I’m thrilled with how my referrals from Pinterest have been so far in such a short time. In the last month I had 201 sessions and 150 users come in from Pinterest! Not only that, but each month I’ve seen an increase in the number of referrals. Since I don’t spend much time on Twitter, that makes Pinterest my #1 referral from last month.


Three months isn’t very long on Pinterest, but what about 3 years? Brittany has been using Pinterest for around 3 years and even her stats show that Pinterest is her number one social media referral. As you can see from the graph below, Pinterest accounts for 55.53% of her social media referrals. That’s huge considering that her Twitter account currently has 3,574 followers. (Instagram is included in the direct referral in the second graph below)


If you also take a look at all of Brittany’s referrals, you’ll see that Pinterest comes in third. Only beat by Google and direct link clicks. Pinterest here beats not only Twitter, but also Bloglovin’.


Can Book Reviews be Popular on Pinterest?

Which of my pins are getting the most love? Book reviews! I know, it surprised me too. After just 3 months, here are some of my top pins:


Already, my Winterspell review has over 100 repins. You know what’s awesome about Pinterest? My older reviews, like Winterspell receive new views! On other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, your pictures or book reviews end up in a feed that people can just scroll past. However, Pinterest is a search engine with a BEST first approach, like Google. That means that pins with more repins are going to show up higher in search results rather than just the newest pins.

Here are some of Brittany’s pins with a lot of repins too. Over 700!


Reach Out to Non-Blogging Readers!

There are so many non-blogging readers on Pinterest! Check out some of these boards created by readers on Pinterest:


I’ve seen a lot of “Books to read” boards on Pinterest. How cool is it that we can directly see the boards that people add our pins too! Also awesome that people are using Pinterest to help compile their to read shelf. Look at all of that potential to push more books on non-blogging readers :D

Keep your Focus on Books

Gaining success on Pinterest isn’t necessarily a walk in the park. Where a lot of book bloggers go wrong on Pinterest is they don’t have a clear focus and they don’t pin very often. Your Pinterest account should be an extension of your blog. When people click on your blog url from Pinterest, they shouldn’t be confused by what is on your blog. Same goes for going from your blog to Pinterest. If you want to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog and get more followers, then you need to have a strong focus for your Pinterest.

I recommend having the first board be your blog’s name and a compilation of just your posts. The following boards should be related categories from your blog with a combination of your posts and other bloggers’ posts. For me, that’s discussions, lists, and reviews. focus

Brittany follows a similar structure. Her first board is focused on The Book Addict’s Guide and the next few boards are focused on her blog’s categories. What’s important is that the majority of her boards are bookish focused.


But what about all your other non-bookish boards? Well some of them can stay on your Pinterest account. It’s ok to have some boards off focus. For example, I have a board for Disney pins I like.

However, it’s not a good idea to have too many boards off focus. It confuses your followers as to what you’re really about and fewer people will follow YOU rather than your individual boards. Instead, make those boards “secret boards.” That will still allow you to pin to the board but no one else will see it.


Get Started with Group Boards!

Not sure where to start? Brittany and I both have group boards we have created for the book blogging community.

The group board I created is called Young Adult Book Blogs. This is a single board with a strong focus on young adult books and related posts. I’m pretty strict about the content that goes into this board because I want it to be the best it can be and reach a lot of followers. I started this group board on September 7th and we currently have 163 followers, over 500 pins, and 39 contributors.

Also, every month I send out a newsletter to all contributors with group reminders, news, and Pinterest related tips for the board. Click here to check out the group board!


Now, the above group board is focused on the young adult genre, but what about the other genres? Well Brittany has created a book community group board with quite a few book related group boards that are not genre specific. You can pick and choose what boards to join and boards like book reviews, are across all book genres. These boards are more general and don’t really have strict rules like the Young Adult Book Blogs board. Click here to check out the community group boards!


It can be a good idea to join multiple group boards, but try not to join too many. I wouldn’t go over 6 group boards or at the very least, you should not have more group boards on your profile than your own boards. If you decide to join a board, make a commitment to pin regularly to that board.

tips/tricks Guides

Need help in growing your Pinterest account? First, check out Brittany’s Social Media Support Sunday where she discusses Pinterest today! She provides a great how-to guide for Pinterest with tips/tricks.

After that, check out some of these Pinterest tips and tricks posts:

What do you think about Pinterest? Have you been using it or have you ever tried it out?

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  • Cait @ Paper Fury

    Omg this is SO AMAZING AND ENLIGHTENING. I am a big pinterest addict but…for my writing! I pin basically “storyboard” kind of stuff and have about 5K followers…so I feel weird switching to pinning more blogging stuff because I feel like my followers are there for storyboards? And I don’t want to start two pinterest accounts because I just wouldn’t be able to upkeep. BUT YEAH. I maybe want to try making a board and pinning for my blog next year! I didn’t realise it could be such a good tool, actually, so this post is amazing. I’m going to read some of those blog posts you linked to now. x)

    • Stephanie@ThesePaperHearts

      I wouldn’t worry about your current followers too much. The majority of your followers seem to be following individual boards rather than your entire account. Looking at your smaller boards, I’d guess around 700 of your followers are actually following your account (and therefore all of your boards). Plus, you do have a few non-story boards already at the bottom of your account. Adding a few extra boards wouldn’t be a big deal. Plus, pinning to group boards is completely separate from your followers. Only people who follow a specific group boards will see pins from that group board.
      Stephanie@ThesePaperHearts recently posted…Can Book Bloggers be Successful on Pinterest? YES!My Profile

  • Bec

    I’m terrible with Pinterest haha. I mean I do contribute to an amazing group board ;) But that’s literally all I do on there. Next year I think I might make myself actually use it a little better and more, but it is hard enough for me to find time for the social media I do use regularly. But at the same times it looks like the endeavour may be worth it….

  • Annie

    wow this is a great post! I’ve also seen so many articles about how great pinterest can be but I’ve never been able to translate it well to my blog. This gives me a ton of things to work on and try out :) Mostly I’ve always thought – ok someone repinned my pin, what does that do for me. But it’s because they were random pins and not about my books or my blog or anything helpful :) Giving my pinterest boards focus is going to be great (I hope!). If not, it’ll still be a fun project to work on.

  • Melanie (YA Midnight Reads)

    I seriously had no idea how much Pinterest could help gain readership until lately! I’ve been trying to post on Pinterest but I guess I’m just not used to it all that much yet but I’m definitely planning on making an effort next year to use it religiously! Thanks for all the links, girl!

    Excellent post, Stephanie <33

  • Zara @ Foxing Pages

    im pretty new to blogging. should i sign up to pinterest to gain my blog audience? is it a good idea?

  • Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    Thank you so much for this tutorial Steph! After reading this I’ve just set up my blog page on Pinterest and I’ll have to explore the other boards closer! It’s been fun subscribing to the YA Book Blogs Pinterest too! Love the fact that you can promote older views on posts.

  • Hannah

    This post is a fabulous resource – definitely bookmarking this! Pinterest can be a great source of blog traffic – I used to use it for clients back when I was working in digital marketing. It’s just taking the time to do it right, and putting in that little extra effort for a great return.
    Hannah recently posted…Review: The First Thing You See – Gregoire DelacourtMy Profile

  • Jenny

    Why are all the books that look good in the YA section… Gonna give Pinterest a browse now though cause I seriously need to read something before I die of boredom…