Welcome to These Paper Hearts! Here, I’ll be sharing my love for YA books with other readers, discussing all things bookish, and creating book lists to help readers fill their bookshelves!


Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie, the reader and blogger behind These Paper Hearts. My sister, Jessica, also stops by every now and then to review books with me too.

Jessica and I live in Michigan (the state of crappy weather). We’ve always been close and share quite a bit in common (such as reading!). Most people think we are twins, but we’re actually 2.5 years apart (as the older sister, I feel compelled to mention that). Jess is currently in college studying computer programming and web development. I recently graduated from college and now work as a web developer. Fun fact, our parents are also computer programmers, so programming is in our blood :)
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When I wanted to start up my own book blog, I roped Jess in as well. She isn’t as involved in the blogging world as I am, but she enjoys stopping by to write reviews when she can. If you look over to the right, you’ll see our base of operations!

Well… I guess that’s not 100% accurate, but we do have 2 cats who enjoy invading our space when we’re trying to read or use our laptops. Our main content will include reviews, discussions, book lists/recommendations, a couple memes, some tips/tricks, and the occasional random feature.

We will be posting reviews on books that are from the young adult genre. This page explains our rating system: http://www.thesepaperhearts.com/rating-system/

**We are not currently accepting review requests and blog tour requests**
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