ANNOUNCEMENT – I’m Closing this Blog and Moving to Tumblr

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This has been a really hard decision, but one I feel confident in now. All this past year I’ve been struggling to keep up with this blog and it hasn’t been fun. I’ve just lost the drive to write long posts and keep up with commenting. I had my lowest year in reading this past year at just 20 books and that was sad for me. I kept having the feeling that I didn’t have time to read because of all the blogging stuff I needed to get done and that really started to bother me. The problem I struggled with though is that I didn’t want to leave this…

New Beautiful Blogger Premade Themes!


If you saw my post a while ago about closing New Chapter Designs, you’ll know that I now code for Anna Moore! Not only have I been working on coding custom themes for clients, I’ve also been coding some premade themes for Blogger, designed by Anna. You’re probably seen some of these themes because they were first available as WordPress themes at the NoseGraze shop. I can’t include all of the amazing features that WordPress has (obviously) for Blogger, but they’re still pretty awesome with custom gadgets, responsive design, some drop down menus, and beautiful designs! Right now, we’ve got 3 themes finished. Their names are Amelia, Noah, and Dinah :) Without…

We’re Off to New York City and BEA!


GUYS. The time has finally come. BEA!! I still can’t believe we’re going this year. The only time I’ve ever been to New York City was to visit my grandparents when I was very young, so I don’t remember anything. We really have a packed schedule for our trip to New York City. Monday will be our travel day from Michigan. Then Tuesday I’m actually going to be working remotely from the hotel room so I can save a vacation day for later. I’ll probably finish work around 3PM and then the 3 of us (sister, mom, and me) are going to explore New York City. I’m not sure exactly…

I’m Going to BEA and The Bloggers Conference!


I’ve known I will be going to BEA for awhile now, but realized that I never announced it on the blog. I’M SO EXCITED ASDFHASDFJA;LDSFJ!! Seriously, it still doesn’t feel real to me. It probably won’t until the day I finally have my badge in hand. My sister, Jess and I are both going to the Bloggers Conference and then BEA. We’re both really naive about how BEA works and what we should plan for, so we’ll definitely be looking for advice and BEA how-to posts. What’s even more awesome about going to BEA this year is that I will also be speaking at the Bloggers Conference!! It feels so…

Announcement for New Chapter Designs

Newspaper Press Run End

I really don’t know how to start this post. I’ve just been staring at the screen, thinking of a dozen different ways to say the same thing. New Chapter Designs is closing. Most likely, indefinitely There I said it. It’s hard to say, because I know a lot of people will be sad to see my blog design shop go. I’ve been thinking about this decision for the past couple months. However, the decision for me became final when I started my new job in January. With everything I have going on in my life, something had to go. Working an 8 hour day every week day is tiring and…

Fierce Reads Signing


A little over two weeks ago I went to the Fierce Reads tour signing with my sister Jess. I had actually never been to a signing before and had no idea what to expect. I guess I just don’t understand the appeal of a signed book. Someone’s signature, whether they’re super famous or not, doesn’t really interest me. You know what does interest me? SWAG!! I was so excited to get the bookmarks and the pins!! AHHH! I had three main reasons for going to this signing. 1. To get the swag! 2. To meet Leigh Bardugo and 3. To collect stuff for our blogoversary giveaway. Not that I’ve been…

We’re Moving and Changing!

Changes Ahead

1. We are changing our blog name *Gasp* When I first picked Hopeless Romantics months ago, I didn’t put much thought into it. I loved reading romance books and had recently finished reading a book with that title. However, I want a name that’s more unique and easier to search for. My sister and I debated on a name for many weeks before deciding on a new name. I like that it still has a romance aspect to it without being too confining. So now we won’t just be reviewing romance books anymore. Our new blog name is: These Paper Hearts

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