Review: Through the Ever Night

My Thoughts Through the Ever Night actually picks up right were Under the Never Sky left off. Perry and Aria are reunited, but Aria is not welcomed by the Tides. When Aria’s life is threatened, she knows she must leave the Tides and Perry behind to find the Still Blue. Perry has a responsibility to the Tides and can’t leave at a time when they need him most. While Perry struggles to gain the Tide’s trust, Aria and Roar set a course for Rim. In this second book of the series, relationships are tested, hearts are broken, and loyalties are questioned.

Review: Sweet Evil

My Thoughts This book was a roller coaster for me because there were parts I was in love with and parts that really frustrated me. Anna is a good girl who has been extremely sheltered growing up. Her adopted mother, Patti, is very protective, but the relationship between her and Anna is strong. With Kaidan Rowe’s help, she discovers more about herself and the struggle she now has, being part angel and part demon. Being part of both worlds will be extremely difficult for Anna as she is forced to work for an evil that she both hates and is drawn to.

Review: Origin

My Thoughts One word for this book: EPIC. So much crazy stuff happened. Daemon is fighting to get Katy out of the government’s clutches, but will they even be safe then? It seems as if Daemon and Katy can almost never catch a break. Just when it seems they can take a breath and relax, something unexpected comes up. Heck when I finished this book I was like, I need a minute. There were a couple of times that I said I would stop reading to do something else, as soon as there was a good spot to stop. IT NEVER CAME.

Review: The Assassin’s Curse

the assassin's curse

My Thoughts Ananna runs away from her parents and Tarrin, her bride-to-be. Angered at her refusal to marry their son, Tarrin’s parents send an assassin to kill her. Ananna saves Naji from a snake and becomes bound to him. Only problem is, neither of them wants to be near each other. To break the curse Ananna and Naji have to complete three impossible tasks. Ananna is strong, courageous, and can take care of herself. She has a plan for her life and becoming bound to an assassin and dragged across the desert wasn’t part of it. She wants to be the captain of her own ship one day. Ananna is…

Blog Formatting

Web design development illustration

When I’ve got some free time, I’ll be posting these little guides for blog design tips and tricks. This first time will be about a blog’s formatting. Don’t worry! It’ll be easy =D Font Style Think about the fonts on your blog like the fonts within a book. The title of a book on the cover is often times more of a fancy or cool font. It’s meant to draw the reader’s attention to the book. Consider the styling of a book’s cover similar to your blog’s header. Your header is a place where you can use whatever fonts float your boat and fit your desired theme. Now turn to…

Mini-Reviews: The Sweetest Spell and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

My Thoughts This was one of those books I just picked up on a whim when I was looking around at the library. Actually, Jess found it first, took one look at the cover, and handed it to me lol. Am I that predictable? Anyways, she was right, because I did really enjoy this book. This was an extremely cute and interesting story that had me smiling throughout. When Emmeline is taken away by a flood, who should find her but a dairy man’s son. With Owen’s help, Emmeline discovers her rare new talent and is swept away in a journey with danger and adventure. Emmeline was a very likable…

GIF Survey

Since my sister and I are new to the blogging world, I’m not sure if a survey like this has been done before. Either way, I had fun making it. I’ve seen a lot of surveys recently on different blogs to get to know bloggers. These are cool and I like reading them, but come on, gifs just make everything better- even surveys. Jessica is actually at work right now, so I’ll be doing this on my own. If you try out this survey, please link back to this blog =) You’re welcome to use that little header image too. Not sure where to find gifs? Look here: Check out…

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