The Letter for the King – Predictable and Unrealistic


Book Overview Didn’t love or hate him Didn’t really care for them Simplistic and predictable Very boring at times! Cool cover   What I Loved The beginning of the book was actually fairly interesting. Tiuri was on the run from the knights leaving on this potentially epic journey. Unfortunately the journey quickly became very un-epic in nature. The few actions scenes that were in the book were fast-paced and interesting. I just wish there had been more of them.

Snow Like Ashes – An Enjoyable Light Fantasy


Book Overview I was always rooting for her! Would have like to get to know them more Exciting! Beginning was a little slow Very nice :)   Romance Overview – Meira and Theron Not really in love yet He’s a keeper! Not really MY SHIP BETTER SAIL D: I ship it!   What I Loved I love the concept of the seasons and how everyone’s appearance in their specific season looked like the season. For example, all the Winterians had blue eyes, white hair, and pale skin. It was hard for me not to picture Elsa as Meira while reading :) The magic system was interesting in how the rulers…

The Copper Gauntlet – a Page Turner, Filled with Magic, Mystery, and Adventure

The Copper Gauntlet

Book Overview I loved Callum and his humor! Liked them for the most part Exciting with lots of twists! Fast paced Very cool   What I Loved This book is definitely a page turner, especially towards the end. I wish it was thicker because it was so good! I can’t wait for the sequel. The humor. The interactions between Call and his group were very funny. Call’s evil overlord list. Due to some of the revelations in the previous book Call was analyzing his behavior and determining whether or not his actions could be considered “evil.” The way he analyzed his behavior and his thoughts about it were all very…

Reawakened and the Adventure with a Mummy


Book Overview I mostly liked her I loved his brothers! Very interesting Last two thirds were a page turner Sparkly, but I don’t like the eye   Romance Overview Quick He had a lot of mushy lines Well…she thought he was crazy at first circumstances being what they are… I liked them together   What I Loved I really enjoyed the Egyptian mythology. There are quite a few flash backs to the past where you get a look into why Amon does what he does. I saw some reviews claim the author didn’t do proper research, but they seemed a bit nitpicky and that doesn’t really bother me. The first…

Six of Crows and the Impossible Heist


Book Overview I liked Inej best Didn’t notice them Exciting and clever! A bit slow to start THE BEST!   Romance Overview (Nina & Matthias) Slow Burn Not often, but cute Yes > Opposites Attract It won’t be easy Very Cute!   What I Loved All the main characters (maybe not Kaz)! As I said above, Inej(how do you pronounce her name?) was my favorite character. I love how she fights for herself and what she believes in. I’m unsure how I feel about Kaz though. He frustrated me sometimes, but I admired his intelligence and ability to plan for most everything. Cleverness. Kaz’s plans were very clever/crazy. He always…

Review: The Maze Runner


My Thoughts The maze runner was an amazing book! It all begins when Thomas takes the elevator up to the glade. All he remembers is his name and that he wants to be a runner. He, along with the other boys of the glade, run the maze to find an exit. The grievers roam the maze and it isn’t until Teresa arrives that the solution to the maze draws closer. Thomas was my favorite character in the book, and remains so for the rest of the series. He was brave, loyal, and a strong leader. Generally, when I read a book, I like it when the lead characters are strong…

Review: The Perilous Sea


My Thoughts It was with a heavy heart that I started this book last night, knowing full well that I would lose quite a bit of sleep (I do so love my sleep). The Perilous Sea was one of those books I knew I would love before I even started reading. I ended up staying awake until 3:30 AM to finish this book and it was completely worth it! This book wowed me and this series may be in the running to replace The Grisha trilogy as my favorite series. The Perilous Sea certainly doesn’t suffer from the second book syndrome. This book had a sweet romance, but was filled…

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