Everything, Everything and The Girl Who is Allergic to the World

everything everything

Book Overview Loved them! Not many, but good Awesome! Very quick! SO PRETTY *_*   Romance Overview Pretty quick Just ok Not often They’re a good couple! LOTS OF FEELS!   What I Loved The cute illustrations! The author’s husband created all of the artwork in the book and I think that’s so sweet :) Madeline likes to read! This is a quick and easy read. The book itself is thin and there are a lot of half pages and illustration pages. PLOT TWIST! The romance is so cute and fluffy :D  

Review and ARC Giveaway! – Tonight the Streets Are Ours

Tonight the Streets Are Ours

My Thoughts Tonight the Streets Are Ours caught me by surprise. I thought this would be some type of feel good romance, but it’s really not. In fact, romance isn’t the focus of this book, love is and how we love one another. Arden is our main character and, as the description states, she is recklessly loyal. What that really means is that Arden goes above and beyond for the people she loves. She lives at home with her mom, dad, and younger brother, Roman. Her best friend and next door neighbor’s name is Lindsey and, of course, Peter is the author of Tonight the Streets Are Ours blog. Arden was…

Review: Last Year’s Mistake

Last Year's Mistake

My Thoughts I feel very ‘eh’ overall towards Last Year’s Mistake. I didn’t dislike it or hate it, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it all that much either. I thought the pacing was pretty good. I read it within a 24 hour period while I was laying out on the beach and then later at night to finish it up. The book alternates with before and after chapters until near the end when it’s just ‘after’ chapters. I didn’t mind the before/after chapter transitions. I think it helped move the book along and I found the ‘before’ chapters just as interesting as the ‘after’ chapters. My biggest problem with this…

Review: On the Fence


My Thoughts On the Fence was a quick summer read for me and I really enjoyed this book. Charlie enters a new world of strange clothes and scary makeup when she gets a new job to pay off her speeding tickets. Playing sports and hanging out with her brothers is what she is used to. She’s afraid that her brothers will laugh at her if they see her in new clothes and makeup. Can she stay true to herself with this new look? Plus, how should she deal with the possibility of a boyfriend!? Charlie faces many new decisions in On the Fence that many of us have probably also…

Review: The Geography of You and Me

the geography of you and me

My Thoughts Have you ever been in a reading slump but the book isn’t really to blame? I’ve been in a reading slump over the past two weeks and just couldn’t get myself to finish this book. It really wasn’t this book’s fault, I just couldn’t get into it because life kept getting in the way. So, I don’t know whether to say that the first half of the book was rather slow or to say that it might just have been me. I think I also expected something different in the first part of the book when all the lights were out. I mean, they are in New York…

Review: Where the Stars Still Shine

My Thoughts Do you ever feel trapped when you read a book about a character that has been abused? Do you feel like you have to use that as an excuse for all their bad decisions and bad behavior? Do you ever feel bad for disliking that character? Callie hasn’t lived a normal life since she was in kindergarten. She was always on the move with her mother. When a traffic violation reveals the truth about Callie’s mom, Callie is taken away to live with her father. Callie is used to taking care of herself and doesn’t know how to be part of a family that cares about her. She…

Review: This Song Will Save Your Life

My Thoughts I have heard so many great things about this book and I was a little wary, because it seemed too good to be true. However, the high ratings, beautiful cover, and great book description all lived up to my expectations. I’m so glad that I had renewed this book from my library for another two weeks. Elise has always been the outsider in school and is often times bullied very cruelly. It amazed me how mean-spirited some people were when they bullied Elise. After all those years of being left out, Elise wants to make a change. She just wants friends. Elise tries so hard to change herself…

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