Return Once More – An Unexpected Ending!

return once more

Book Overview A good MC Really liked the secondary characters! I loved the time travel Great pacing Beautiful cover   Romance Overview – Kaia and Caesarion VERY fast Swoony but also a bit cheesy Some disagreement High doubts They were cute together   What I Loved Time travel! I loved the detail the author gave for Kaia’s travels back through time. I love time travel books where they travel back through time rather than into the future. If I could time travel, I definitely want to travel back and see the past :) The mystery was well done. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding Oz and I can’t wait to…

Review: Across the Universe


My Thoughts Amy and her parents choose to travel to the new Centauri-Earth. In order to make this journey, they are frozen and stored aboard the ship, the Godspeed. In three hundred years, the ship will reach the new Centauri-Earth and the frozens will be woken up. However, things do not go as planned, and Amy gets woken up fifty years early. With a murderer on the loose, Amy and Elder, the ship’s future leader, must uncover the mysteries of the ship and find the person responsible for unplugging the frozens. The world aboard the Godspeed is fascinating, yet also a little disturbing. The entire system on the ship is…

Review: The Maze Runner


My Thoughts The maze runner was an amazing book! It all begins when Thomas takes the elevator up to the glade. All he remembers is his name and that he wants to be a runner. He, along with the other boys of the glade, run the maze to find an exit. The grievers roam the maze and it isn’t until Teresa arrives that the solution to the maze draws closer. Thomas was my favorite character in the book, and remains so for the rest of the series. He was brave, loyal, and a strong leader. Generally, when I read a book, I like it when the lead characters are strong…

Review: Earth & Sky


My Thoughts Earth and Sky could have been a great book for me, but it fell short in a couple areas. Our main character’s name is Skylar and she notices when events have been changed because of time manipulation in the past. She feels that something isn’t right in everyday events and notices that a mysterious boy, Win, seems more real in a world that is fading. Win has been pushed to the sidelines as his rebel group of aliens work to stop the scientists from time traveling. Win realizes that, with Skylar’s help, he could finally prove himself and find the missing pieces of the weapon that will stop…

Review: Ruins


My Thoughts At the end of the first two books my feelings were, “Yeah onto the next book! That was great!” At the end of this book it was just, “Meh that was ok.” I found that I didn’t dislike this book, but I didn’t really love it either. One of my major pet peeves with this book was the viewpoints. There were just so many of them! It was difficult to really get into the story because the author would continue to switch between the different viewpoints. Sometimes I just wanted to skip past portions to find out what happened to the characters I had just been reading about….

Review: Fragments


My Thoughts This book was awesome! Immediately after finishing it all I wanted to do was go out and buy the third one (which I did). It may have started out a little slow, but once it got started, I couldn’t put it down. For such a long book, it didn’t take me very long to read. After all who needs to sleep? Throughout the book Kira tries to discover her purpose as a partial – why she was created and why she is different from the other partials. She also searches for the cure to RM and the expiration date. There were some pretty cool action scenes and Kira…

Review: Partials


My Thoughts Kira is a plague baby. She is young enough not to remember the world before the war. During the war with the Partials, genetically engineered organic beings, a virus known as RM was released which resulted in the near destruction of the human race. Those that survived the virus took refuge at Long Island. While the survivors remain unaffected by the virus, the babies born continued to die after a few days. Kira, who is now a young medic, attempts to find a cure for the virus in a final effort to save her friend’s child and the human race from extinction. Kira’s boyfriend in the book is…

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